Tadych’s Meat Department

Tadych’s takes pride in offering you the best of the best choices in our Meat Department. We are proud of the fact that all our beef, pork, veal and lamb is cut in the store by our very knowledgeable specialists.

AngusPride Beef
Our AngusPride Beef is restaurant quality and second to none. Only the top 20% of all USDA Choice Angus beef meets the standard to qualify as AngusPride. It has superior marbling, consistent flavor, is tender and juicy with a superior bright red color.

Smithfield Pork
Smithfield makes pork and only pork. Their ever-expanding line of pork products currently includes bacon, pork loins, pork chops, ham steaks, spiral hams, diced ham, ground pork and so much more. All of their products are born and raised in the USA and meet the highest quality and safety standards in the industry.

Gold’n Plump Chicken
Our chicken of choice is Gold’n Plump. They are raised by local farmers in Wisconsin & Minnesota. All products are produced from lean, young, tender chickens and are naturally good with no hormones added.

We are also proud to handle Naturewell All Natural Angus Beef, Farmland All Natural Pork, and Gerber All Natural Amish Chicken.

Our goal is to offer you, our customer, the best quality and selection you can find anywhere at competitive prices.