Direct Your Labels

By saving Our Family® UPC labels, you can raise money for education-for your school, church, or other educational organization. Together we can make a difference!

How It Works

  1. Raise money for your school or organization. Together we can work to make a difference in the education of our children. It’s easy; just save UPC barcodes for cash. When you receive your checks, your school, church or organization is free to spend the money any way they want. New textbooks, band uniforms, computer programs, art supplies; many ways to support.
  2. Save Our Family® UPC barcodes…It’s that easy! During the year, just save the barcodes from Our Family® products. You will earn $25.00 in cash for each bundle of 500 UPC barcodes sent to us.
  3. Where to Find Our Family®. At any our Tadych’s stores you will find more than 2000 Our Family items with national brand quality, every day, all priced lower than national brands. Our Family has turned the corner into the second century of quality and value, so you’ll be assured satisfaction with every purchase.

Get Started Now

To participate, complete the registration card and mail it today. You will receive an information packet explaining the details of the program. We will work together in building a better education for our children.