Party Planner

Make sure you have enough food for your guests with our helpful party planner. Still not sure? Our bakery and deli associates will be happy to help!

Our 14″ trays feed 12-20 people, our 16″ trays feed 25-30 people, and our 18″ trays feed 35-40 people.

ItemPortion (per person)5 Guests10 Guests20 Guests25 Guests50 Guests75 Guests100 Guests
Sliced Meats3 oz.1 lb.2 lbs.3 3/4 lbs.5 lbs.10 lbs.15 lbs.20 lbs.
Sliced Cheeses1.5 oz.1/2 lb.1 lb.2 lbs.2 1/2 lbs.5 lbs.7 lbs.10 lbs.
Salads5 oz.1 1/2 lbs.3 lbs.6 lbs.8 lbs.16 lbs.24 lbs.32 lbs.
Deli Chicken1-2 Pieces8 pieces16 pieces30 pieces40 pieces75 pieces115 pieces150 pieces
Fresh Fruit1 1/2 oz.1 lb.2 lbs.4 1/2 lbs.6 lbs.12 lbs.18 lbs.24 lbs.
Dollar Buns1-21 dozen1 dozen2 dozen3-4 dozen6-7 dozen9-10 dozen12 dozen
Sheet Cake2″ square1/4 sheet1/4 sheet1/4 sheet1/4 sheet1/2 sheetfull sheetfull sheet
Cookies3 oz.1 dozen1 dozen2 dozen3 dozen4 dozen7 dozen9 dozen
Beverages & Coffee8 oz.1 quart1/2 gallon1 gallon1 1/4 gallons2 1/2 gallons4 gallons5 gallons